Sunday Morning Walks

Copenhagen is going green this year! And so are the Sunday Morning Walks of the Danish Architecture Centre. Follow us on a guided tour in the inner city and explore the sustainable Copenhagen.

Sunday Morning Walk Frederiksstaden 2013

From June 8 and every Sunday following you may join Danish Architecture Center on a Sunday Morning Walk and learn all about the city center of green Copenhagen.

Copenhagen has set itself the ambitious goal to become the world's first CO2 neutral capital. The goal is only possible because the city is already green compared to other capitals: bikes for transportation, deposit systems, a functioning heating system, and good insulated housing, green spaces in the city, etc.

The tour begins at the Playhouse at Kvæsthusmolen and continues along St. Annæ Square and onto Toldbodgade 13, where the facade has been named Copenhagens most beautiful new facade. Another unique example of renovation in the inner city is seen at Stokhusgade where new meets old.

The tour continues past the Sølvgade School, which has been climate renovated and is an obvious place to tell the entire story of the schools in Copenhagen that in these years a part of a large-scale energy retrofit. In Adel Gade we focus on cooling, which has become the new black in green circles before we go along the King's Garden, crossing Hauser Plads, looking at the renewal of Købmagergade and on to Norreport Station to end the walk by Torvehallerne and Israel Square where the participant will have an excellent chance of tasting Danish specialties.

Price: 17 euro / 125 DKK 


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