Strategic urban governance for functional managers

STRATEGIC URBAN GOVERNANCE FOR FUNCTIONAL MANAGERS is a 1-year executive course for functional managers in Danish municipalities. The course is a master-class, a network and a learning environment, which equip you to act strategically in the context of the challenges, which your municipality faces.



STRATEGIC URBAN GOVERNANCE FOR FUNCTIONAL MANAGERS provides you and other functional managers with a confidential space, where you share barriers and challenges through mutual feedback, discussion and reflection.

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STRATEGIC URBAN GOVERNANCE FOR FUNCTIONAL MANAGERS is a new, customised course for municipal executives who are answerable to chief local government executives. Municipal functional managers include heads of planning, business, development, culture etc. from all municipal administrative departments. We use the term "functional managers" in the full knowledge that it is on the way out in many municipalities. The most important thing is that the day-to-day job of anyone attending the course is to decode the signals given by your politicians and chief executives and to translate them into concrete projects and action.

STRATEGIC URBAN GOVERNANCE FOR FUNCTIONAL MANAGERS is founded on the belief that an interdisciplinary approach in municipalities is of the utmost importance. That is why the course is open to all kinds of functional managers across municipal administrations. That is why, even though it is not a requirement, it is ideal if several functional managers from different administrative departments in the same municipality take part.


The aim of STRATEGIC URBAN GOVERNANCE FOR FUNCTIONAL MANAGERS is to improve your capacity to act in a municipal practice that is characterised by new realities, new roles and new relationships. Using knowledge, tools and networking, we strengthen your strategic urban governance skills and innovative urban development processes, improving your capacity to support and implement the strategic objectives set by your political leaders and chief executives. You learn specifically about strategic alliances and acquire tools to consolidate cross-policy areas (for example, cultural policy, business policy and tourism policy) into an overall strategy for your town/city and municipality.


  • Competency development in the field of leadership when working on urban development, in which procedural challenges and options are central topics
  • Insight into some of the latest tools for the management of strategic urban development projects
  • Inspiration from leading national and international practitioners and experts
  • Networking with executives from other Danish municipalities
  • Discussion and knowledge-sharing rooted in case-study-based learning and feedback on the personal challenges of the executives taking part


  1. STRATEGIC URBAN GOVERNANCE is a 3-year executive programme, which concentrates on urban leadership, innovation and urban planning, drawing inspiration from best-practice cases in Denmark and abroad.
  2. STRATEGIC URBAN GOVERNANCE concentrates on tools and strategies, which chief executives in Danish municipalities can deploy to tackle complex urban development challenges in a globalised world.
  3. STRATEGIC URBAN GOVERNANCE is a professional platform, where local government executives can share their experience of challenges and potential in their respective municipalities.

More than 60% of Denmark's municipalities have already taken part in a STRATEGIC URBAN GOVERNANCE ourse. The first course started in February 2016. The next course will start on 31 August 2016.

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If you are interested in learning more about STRATEGIC URBAN GOVERNANCE, please feel free to contact senior project manager

Mikkel Schønning Sørensen
T: +45 2041 1510


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