The Danish Architecture Centre’s core funding is provided by a public-private partnership between Realdania and the Danish government.

The Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) is a fund established in 1986 by what was then the National Association of Danish Architects, the Danish Association of Architectural Firms, the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers, the Danish Contractors' Association, the Chamber of Danish Trades and Crafts and the Federation of Danish Industries.

Funding of Public Service activities

The DAC's core funding is provided by a public-private partnership between Realdania and the Danish government. The government is represented by: the Ministry of Business Denmark and the Ministry of Culture Denmark.

The overall objective is to ensure and strengthen the centre's position in the development and dissemination of knowledge about architecture, building and urban development

The Danish Architecture Centre is an autonomous, commerce-promoting fund with an economic basis in partnership. The partnership raises an annual operational grant for the Public Service activities of a total of DKK 18.8 million, contributed to equally by Realdania on the one hand and the State on the other hand.

Thanks to the partnership agreement entered into between the Ministries and Realdania, the Danish Government's policy goal that The Danish Architecture Centre's ordinary operations should not be financed exclusively with public means is met.

The objective of the partnership financing of the Public Service activities is to ensure the foundation for:

  • the Danish Government being able to achieve goals deriving from the concrete project activities defined in Initiative 1 in the Danish Government's policy, "Growth with will, Denmark in the culture- and experience economy"
  • Realdania being able to achieve goals deriving from its fund strategy and from the "dissemination and debate" initiative.

Funding of Projects

The goals are reached through the concrete project types described in The Danish Architecture Centre's commerce- and culture profiles. Costs arising from the implementation of professional projects are not covered by the operations grant. The projects are financed with project-related income and with subsidies from Ministries, funds, sponsors and collaborative agreements with public authorities and private commercial enterprises.  A specific agreement is entered into between The Danish Architecture Centre and the financing party for each individual project.

The Danish Architecture Centre is obliged to:

  • raise the necessary project financing, including contributions to cover the activities' burden on the management and administration apparatus and to build up the necessary capital;
  • ensure that the burden on the management and administration apparatus due to operation of the café, conference centre and special bookstore is financially covered by the activities themselves;
  • create added value for sponsors and hence expand the sponsor portfolio with a view to long-term interaction with players in the construction sector in the form of commercial enterprises and funds;
  • promote professionally-based partnerships and hence establish long-term partnerships with the State, municipalities, institutions, funds and commercial enterprises.

The Public Service organisation consists of resources in the form of building systems with exhibition- and production facilities, as well as professional personnel who:

  • lead, develop, market and administer the centre
  • develop, or contribute to the development of, formulate and fundraise for externally-financed project activities
  • contribute to the implementation of project initiatives so that concrete project support is obtained in the form of external means.

Last updated Tuesday, May 09, 2017