Vision, mission, goals and system of values

Read about the visions and strategic goals of the Danish Architecture Centre.

The Danish Architecture Centre's objective and legitimacy consist in promoting co-operation across the professional boundaries of the construction sector and architecture so that the players, working together, are able to contribute to the forward-looking development of architecture and construction specifically and Danish society in general.



We want Danish Architecture Centre to be Denmark's leading centre for the development and implementation of unique, top-quality educational and developmental projects related to the built-up environment as a whole.



Danish Architecture Centre aims to set up dedicated networks to disseminate information and share knowledge about the origins, present conditions and value of architecture, thus encouraging a broader recognition in society of the importance of high quality standards in the built environment.



Danish Architecture Centre's mission is to launch partnerships that can deliver new, sustainable visions for the way society is to be organised in the future.
- Danish Architecture Centre will work to promote cooperation between all parties interested in buildings and the urban setting.
- Danish Architecture Centre will be an open, visionary and dynamic platform for the building trade and urban development.
- Danish Architecture Centre will be an architectural crucible, in which branches of industry can meet to create relations and results that are innovative, surprising and provide added value.
- Danish Architecture Centre will set up and participate in projects and processes that can make a difference.
- Danish Architecture Centre will attract and retain staff who seek challenges and get things moving; Danish Architecture Centre will also establish a leadership and staff culture that promotes visionary, cooperative and professionally competent behaviour.


Danish Architecture Centre's system of values

Danish Architecture Centre's system of values run through the whole of the way Danish Architecture Centre acts as an organisation. This applies to management, cooperation with the surrounding world and Danish Architecture Centre's public image in general.

Danish Architecture Centre is not based on production, but rather an organisation centred round development, which mostly takes the form of implementing specialised, unique projects. This basic orientation must be reflected in the values that lie behind the day-to-day working of Danish Architecture Centre.

Danish Architecture Centre's work is based on four guiding values:
• Vision
• Authenticity
• Competence
• Cooperative

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 / By Sidsel Hartlev

Last updated Tuesday, March 15, 2016