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The Danish Architecture Centre and Roskilde Festival organised in 2012 an architectural design competition, where participants were invited to submit a plan and design for an urban installation at Roskilde Festival.

The Danish Architecture and Roskilde Festival announced in 2012 an open design competition with a special focus on engaging, temporary architecture. Participants were invited to submit a plan and design for an urban installation at Roskilde Festival.

The competition is called BUILD WHAT HERE, and participants were given the opportunity to submit their ideas on the design and building plan of the 'Poor City' - an area within Roskilde Festival hosting 10,000-15,000 guests. The winning proposal 'Open Borders' will be the site for numerous events and activities taking place in the area.

Innosite 134This year, BUILD WHAT HERE was operated through the open innovation platform, Innosite.dk. This means that the ideas for the competition were continuously developed and improved through feedback from site users, competition authorities, representatives from Roskilde Festival and The Danish Architecture Centre and, last but not least, the festival's massive number of visitors.



By Christian Dam_134In 2011 and 2012, Roskilde Festival has taken a 'standpoint' on poverty and inequality. This year the 'Poor City', located in the East Area at Roskilde Festival's camping zone M, is focusing attention on communicating the important issue of the conditions for young asylum seekers in Scandinavia. The vision of BUILD WHAT HERE is to promote this cause through the creation of an interesting, functional, sustainable and engaging installation. A physical plan of the area must also be able to sufficiently accommodate the activities that will take place there.


The Winner of BUILD WHAT HERE 2012

The winner of the competition 2012 was the project 'Open Borders' by  Andreas Møller Nielsen, Mikkel Møltoft Jensen, Louise Færch Gjerulff, Kasper Johannessen and Karin Sanfridson.

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The competition BUILD WHAT HERE is supported by Realdania.

Contact Project Manager Ingeborg Christiane Hau, ich@dac.dk, tel +45 3264 5488

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