BYG network

BYG network

In the BYG network professionals from the building industry meets to debate the challenges of the future. The goal is to challenge each other, to create innovation and a better cooperation between the different sectors of the building industry.

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Get involved in the discussions when DAC's BYG network meets to debate the future of the building industry. The BYG network sets a focus on interdisciplinary cooperation at the practitioner level. The network is an offer for project managers, middle managers and department heads from across the industry - developers, consultants, contractors and suppliers - to share knowledge and debate the future of the building industry.

The BYG network allows professionals from all parts of the construction industry to meet and come to grips with the challenges of the future. This is conducted both in open forums for all members, and in smaller groups, where in depth work is completed on specific themes. The goal is to challenge one another, inspire innovation, and urge to better collaboration across the industry.

The network offers corporate membership, which provides a company's employees free access to all DAC's professional events as well as a number of exclusive offers.

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The BYG network aims to inspire development within the building industry. The ambition of the network is to help break down some of the many silos and promote knowledge sharing across various building partners.


A member network for all parties of the building industry, who will meet at three inspiring annual events as well as in continuous thematic group meetings, where specific focuses are put on chosen themes.

When and where?

BYG network events take place at DAC's new location; Fæstningens Materialgård at Frederiksholms Kanal in Copenhagen. There are set dates for the three network events, while the thematic group's specific focuses and meeting dates are to be set in dialogue with the participants of the network.


Company membership to the BYG network provides all employees of the enrolled company with event participation. Membership of a thematic group is person-related and is free, if ones company is a member of the BYG network.

Personal membership:    3.000 DKK per year
1-9 employees:    4.000 DKK per year excl. VAT
10-99 employees:    8.000 DKK per year excl. VAT
100+ employees:   16.000 DKK per year excl. VAT

As a company member of BYG network, the company also benefits from:

  • Pre-orientation and ongoing communication from DAC's facilitator and the opportunity to sign up first for all DAC& BUILD events
  • 30% off BUILD events with payment
  • DAC& BUILD activities newsletter
  • Free admission to DAC's exhibitions
  • 12% discount for the Danish Architecture Centre meeting center facilities
  • 12% discount in the Danish Architecture Centre bookstore

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