Sprout Innovation Network is a platform for dialogue, sharing and inspiration across fields.

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At DAC we believe that an interdisciplinary approach is key to develop sustainable and innovative solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. With Sprout we offer students and young professionals within the fields of architecture, construction and urban development an innovative, international platform for developing strong competencies and improving cross-field collaborations. 

SPROUT Innovation Network

Through meets, solution-labs, charrettes and a vivid online community, Sprout Innovation Network connects aspiring profiles, innovative thinkers and curious students.
By inspiring future professionals to develop an interdisciplinary perspective, Sprout Innovation Network seeks to contribute to developing sustainable and capable solutions for complex challenges such as climate changes and urbanisation etc.

Sprout Meets

During a number of meets, solution-labs and other activities throughout the year, we meet to address real life challenges pointed out by our industry partners. Several issues will be challenged in the company of industrial and academic experts as well as a strong line-up of speakers, mentors and facilitators from public and private organisations will partake.

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Sprout Talent Week

Every year the approach of the innovation network is taken into reality during a week of innovation labs taking place across the country. Participants from multiple disciplines work together to challenge, improve and invent new ways to create sustainable solutions for future scenarios. Sprout Talent Week offers professionalization and inspiration on the basis of concrete cases that requires and fosters interdisciplinary skills and collaboration.

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