Sprout Talent Week 2016

Save the date and spread the word! Sprout Talent Week is back this August and needs your competencies to create innovative solutions for global challenges under the theme Future-Proofing Cities. Sprout Talent Week 2016 will comprise four ‘labs’ and various open talks between August 15 – 19th 2016 and take place in four cities across Denmark.


What is Sprout Talent Week?
Urbanisation is a global and increasing challenge with a significant number of implications. The question is: how do we develop sustainable solutions for cities across the globe to cope with these issues? Sprout Talent Week joins talents and professionals from multiple disciplines to improve, challenge and innovate new ways to create more liveable cities for the future scenarios.

What's going on at the Sprout Talent Week?
Participants will get hands on concrete cases; interact with experts and renowned innovators from a number of industries as well as network with researchers from a broad range of related fields. New insights, relationships and perspectives surrounding global challenges will guide participants to generate new ideas and practices.

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