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Sprout Talent Week 2015 is for up and coming urban innovators, entrepreneurs, professionals and students interested in the physical, social and urban space of a smarter city.

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Are you interested in and want to absorb inspiring knowledge about future smart cities and urban challenges?

Sprout Talent Week gives you the opportunity to get inspired and motivated by key speakers from different industries. For an entire week we will offer both talks morning and afternoon. You will get different takes and angles on urban development, interaction and a better understanding on how we live together in a growing city.

You can pick and choose which talks you want to participate in. 

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TUESDAY 18 AUGUST 8:30-11:00


The session aims to reflect on strategies to enhance walkability and to address both problems of high congestion in historic centers and lack of vitality and use. 

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Tuesday 18 August 14:00-17:00

What 'Smart Cities' are really about - Responsive Urban Environments and the Sentient City

This workshop and talk will focus on this double edge of 'problems and potentials' as this is a key future challenge when assessing the meaning of new performative and sentient technologies. 

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Wednesday 19 August 8:30-11:30

#Citysenseship in #LivEablesmartcities

The morning workshop aims at re-introducing citizens as the most important stakeholders and citysenseship as one of the most important relationships into the practices of and discourses about the way how to organize living in the city and the hypothetical question of  "… what if cities would rule the world?" 

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Sprout Meet 8 blå

Wednesday 19 august 16:00-18:00

Sprout meet#8 - talent

The theme is talent and focus on how to professionalize you in a world that is digitally disturbed. Smart City is fairly a new term that has many implications and interpretations. During the inspirational talks and discussions at Sprout Meet#8 we will take a closer look at the impact of digitalization. Smart City is much more than big data.

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THURSDAY 20 AUGUST 8:30-10:00


The practice of crafting future cities is an emerging approach, yet every generation has attempted to create their own vision. What's different now is that we have more tools and data to respond to real-time needs, to design for the temporary as well as the hard infrastructural layers. 

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Thursday 20 August 15:30-17:30

Cities & IoE

Bas Boorsma will focus on the solutions for challenges caused by the urban migrations like traffic jams, overcrowding, pollution, resource constraints, and how Cisco Smart+Connected Communities solutions can help city leaders address these problems using intelligent networking capabilities. 

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nudge the city_blue

Friday 21 August 8:30-11:30

Nudge the City

The task in this workshop is to come up with ideas based on basic nudging knowledge and try to design solutions for a range of concrete situations. We use the lab-launch and the reception in the afternoon to test our ideas and the not-knowing visitors for the event will let us know how it works by their behavior. 

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CONTACT AND QUESTIONS about the open talks 

if you have any questions about the open talks, please contact Project Manager Anna Bisgaard-Nørh E abn@dac.dk

If you have any questions about Sprout Talent Week in general or the labs, you are welcome to contact Project assistant Christopher Reeves chr@dac.dk or Project Manager Anette Sørensen ams@dac.dk

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