Sensing the City: “Information is beautiful”

How does big data visualize the value of cultural interaction? Can we measure the transformational effects of social and cultural behavior?

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SENSING THE CITY by Danish Design Centre, idemolab / delta and Dome of Visions

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During the course of the lab, participants will work to collect, interpret and visualize data to finally produce a physical, digital, electronic or bodily data-visualisation that tells a story about the Dome of Visions and the people who use it.


"Digital humanities - Exploring the link between digital technology and humanities"

The Dome of Visions project is about putting action into words and following through on new ideas in construction and urban thinking and planning. The dome is intended specially to inspire and to challenge regarding the solutions for the climate challenges to come. The Dome of Visions, a temporary, cross-disciplinary cultural venue in Copenhagen, has compiled climate data that registers temperature, humidity and Co2 in the building. This data, can help us analyze the atmospheric reactions to events and physical activities at the venue.


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The mentors of the lab are planning and facilitating the day to day program and are adding experts and inspirators during the week. They will be guiding, motivating and challenging the participants all the way to the final presentation.  

Vanessa Carpenter: Specialist, Interaction & Electronic Sketching, IdemoLab / DELTA


Vanessa is an Interaction Designer with a passion for connecting people. Her company, GeekPhysical has worked to challenge the social domain throughout the world through interactive installations; Now she works in IdemoLab, using the same creative chaos methods to challenge the everyday, and create Electronic Sketches which truly explore the problem to find the right solution. 

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Danish Design Centre

The Danish Design Centre takes on the role of a forum between industry, the government, scientists, artists and the entire creative community and sees design as a platform that connects new technology, new materials and big data. The DDC has always been active in keeping design on the Danish political agenda, earlier by creating knowledge and awareness of the value of design, today by measuring this omnipresent impact in concrete ways and bridging the innovation gap.

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Christian Villum:  Project Manager, Danish Design Centre

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With a strong interest in discovering the new frontiers of design, Christian works to explore new currents and ideas in the spectrum between technology and design thinking. His main interest areas include maker technologies, digital art, sharing and open design innovation, new business models and Internet culture. Previous achievements include co-founding and directing the experimental Platform4 art & technology venue/hackerspace, pioneering the use of Creative Commons licenses in music and initiating a long series of projects and businesses.

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Julie Hjort:  Project Manager, Danish Design Centre


Julie works to develop and facilitate a broad use of design methods and tools in innovative processes. She creates projects that combine design thinking with technological tools, co-creation and open-source sharing. A key focus for Julie is to investigate how the new technology of the maker-movement can be opened up and made accessible through the methods and mindset of designers.

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The labs are based on a real case presented by the case owner - a real challenge, that the case owner needs inspiration to solve. The participants will present the innovative solutions to key people from the public and private sectors and who knows, maybe you will be picked out to be a part of the implementation of the best ideas.

Dome of Visions

The Dome of Visions is based on the ideas conceived in the 1940s by the American futurist and architect Buckminster Fuller. The dome principle builds on studies of, among other things, minimalist structures whose surface tension creates the basis for the supporting framework and facade.
The Dome was constructed by NCC in close cooperation with architects Kristoffer Tejlgaard and Benny Jepsen. The Dome of Visions is aimed at challenging the construction industry and construction material manufacturers. How can we create buildings that are both sustainable in the broadest sense and simultaneously energy-optimized? 

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Gry Worre Hallberg:  Artistic director and head curator of The Dome of Visions


Gry operates in the intersection of performance art, research, activism and future studies continuously executed in 1:1 co-created experiments such as Dome of Visions, Sisters Academy and In100Y. She is also an external lecturer at the Department of Communication, Business and INformation Technologies, Performance design and Humanities and Technology at Roskilde University.

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If you have any questions about Sprout Talent Week or the labs, you are welcome to contact Project assistant Christopher Reeves E chr@dac.dk or Project Manager Anette Sørensen ams@dac.dk


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