The Power of Crowdsourced Platforms

How will the sharing economy impact our cities and how can we as a society utilize the enormous potential of it? That was the topics of the seminar at the Danish Architecture Centre in November. The speakers were among others thought leader and advisor in the sharing economy, April Rinne, and Director of Civic Partnerships at Airbnb, Stephanie Hodges.


What are the concrete benefits of the sharing economy - and for whom?  The seminar addressed the impact of the new wave of sharing on cities, e.g. on housing, tourism, infrastructure, congestion, environment, innovation, trust and coherence.

At the seminar advisor in the sharing economy, April Rinne (USA), and Director of Civic Partnerships at Airbnb, Stephanie Hodges (UK), talked about the new tendencies and potentials for the shared city.

Read their presentations from the seminar and learn more about the shared city:

>> April Rinne's presentation

>> Stephanie Hodges' presentation

In addition to the international speakers, leading Danish experts gave examples and drew lines to the everyday life, businesses and other relevant situations in Denmark.

Thursday, December 17, 2015 / By Mathias Eckersberg

Last updated Friday, December 18, 2015