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About Sustainable Cities

Sustainable Cities disseminate knowledge on sustainable cities and function as a global database containing best-practive cases from all over the world.

About sustainable cities

Sustaibable Cities provides a direct and easy access to knowledge about sustainable planning and developement of Danish and international cities for the benefit of politicians, planners and interested citizens. Through best-pratice-cases, articles, expert interviews, blog posts, videos etc. you can be inspired to work with sustainable development in your city.

A sustainable development deals not only with environmental issues, but also the perspectives of economic and social welfare. This is why the cases in Sustainable Citites is categorizes after different themes from Green city, Energy, Water, Waste, Food, Transport, Buildings, Master plan and Economy to Education, Health and Social city. In each case you will find background information - including key learning points from the projects, links to further information available, parties etc.


Sustainable Cities is developed and operated by the Danish Architecture Centre, which also performs further research and are handling the dissemination of the site.

The purpose with of Sustainable Cities is to inspire and create a common understanding amongst politicians, urban planners and citizens interested in sustainablility and thereby help to assist these stakeholders in the process of planning and developing sustainable cities.

The English version of first became available in the official Danish contribution to the 11th International Architecture Biennale in Venice in 2008, ecotopedia - walk the talk. The Danish version was launched in March 2009. excisted as an independent website managed by the Danish Architecture Centre until 2012, where the site was added to the one of the Danish Architecture Centre.

The development of Sustainable Cities in 2008 - 2011 was sponsored by the strategic foundation Realdania. From 2011 Sustainable Cities is operated as a Public Service project by the Danish Architecture Centre.

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Project Manager of Sustainable Cities
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