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Copenhagen: No.1 Green hotel in the World.

Copenhagen Towers complies with the Green Building standard, as required by the EU. It is also the first hotel in Denmark to have joined the UN’s Global Compact. The building is estimated to save 1,373 tons of CO2 on an annual basis and it received the award "det gyldne søm" (the golden nail) for the most innovative environmentally friendly construction.

Crowne Plaza i Københavns Ørestad er netop kåret til verdens grønneste hotel. Foto venligst udlånt af Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers.

At first sight there is nothing green about the recently erected hotel in the heart of Copenhagen. Yet, the blank facades have integrated panels and TripleLynx inverters that make the Crowne Plaza hotel the first energy efficient hotel in Denmark and one of the first of its kind in the World. High quality, social and environmental awareness were key elements in creating the Crowne Plaza, Copenhagen Towers, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. It combines the largest facade integrated solar Photovoltaics (PV) installation in Denmark and frontline energy-efficient technology, cutting energy consumption by 53% compared to conventional hotels.

Massive energy savings on winter-heating and summer-cooling
The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers was erected in 2009. Aside from this ingenious concept, the hotel is known as the first in Denmark to receive all of its energy through renewable and sustainable sources. Solar panels and a groundwater-based cooling and heating system helps the Crowne Plaza conserve precious resources. The Crowne Plaza Hotel is located in the center of the city, where more than 300 rooms await your arrival and are spread across 26 floors. Crowne Plaza hotel is built in accordance with the Danish Low Energy Class 2 standard, which means that the energy consumption must not exceed 42.6 kWh per m2 per year. This corresponds to savings of 53% when compared with conventional buildings in Denmark.

" in terms of energy production and consumption the cooling- and heating system is very unique for the hotel. The water that is used for heeting in the winter as recycled for cooling during the summer…" President of Copenhagen Hotel Management A/S, Sandeep Sander.

The idea behind the hotel was not only to generate a large part of the energy used, but also to save as much energy as possible. Aside from this ingenious concept, the hotel is known as the first in Denmark to receive all of its energy through renewable and sustainable sources. Solar panels and a groundwater-based cooling and heating system helps the Crowne Plaza conserve precious resources. One of the key energy saving initiatives is the installation of a groundwater based system, is based on the idea of recycling energy, and provides both heating and cooling to all 366 hotel rooms, the conference room section, kitchen, restaurant, and the ancillary office building. This system is the first of its kind in Denmark, and it saves up to 90% of the energy used for climate regulation inside the hotel.

Bikes, Crowne Plaza Copenhagen

Multiple overlapping energy-saving initiatives
A lot of additional energy-saving and environmentally as well as socially-friendly measures are applied inside and in addition to the building. For instance a intelligent control of lighting and low-energy light sources, LED flat screens in every hotel room and computer-control of all electronic equipment. This ensures the consumption is kept as low as possible especially when rooms are vacant. Furthermore, all of the components of the hotel's IT infrastructure were chosen on grounds of energy-efficiency and degree of reusability. Moreover, a whole range of other pumps in the building, circulate water in the hotel's internal heating and cooling system. They are variably speed controlled by frequency converters from the Danish Danfoss and contribute to major energy savings on the pump system.

"We only use energy efficient light sources, the latest green technologies in kitchen equipments, hi-fi, - and even the restroom's hairdryer is energy efficient" Manager Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, Allan L. Agerholm.

The hotel is more than what you expect from a regular hotel. Not because of the high standard in general but because of the high environmental and social awareness which imply for the entire hotel from staff, over interior design, organic decomposing toilet requisites, energy producing gym facilities etc. The rooms are overlooking the skyline of Copenhagen and the Øresund Region. And guests can skip the mini-bar and hop on an exercise bike, generate electricity, and earn points for a free meal in the restaurant.

"The bikes invite the guests to move in new ways that benefits their personal health and wellbeing as well as the environment at large. The guests litterally provide the energy in the hotel. On one hand, the biking might represents a symbolic sustainable act. Yet on the other it also presents that the socio-eco-awareness now also apply for the service sector."   Managing director for Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, Allan L. Agerholm.

The free meal idea was started as an alternative method to boost guests' health and shrink their carbon footprint which benefits the local environment and the World at large. The bikes are hooked up to several generators that require guests to pedal for about 15 minutes to produce 10 watt-hours of electricity. iPhones attached to the bikes display the amount of power being generated. It takes someone in relatively good shape to produce up to 100 watt hours in 60 minutes. Thus, if you are into healthy living, sustainability, and planning a trip to Copenhagen - you might wish to make your stay socio-eco-friendly - the hotel is defiantly the place to stay. The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen embraces an innovative green concept that benefits the hotel, its employees and the guests.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014