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Manchester: Green Building secures reduced carbon emissions

A disused industrial area in Manchester in England is undergoing transformation into a modern community, integrating the former commercial area with the surrounding urban space. The Green Building was completed in 2005 as the first on the site, functioning today as a landmark for the new neighbourhood. The building is constructed entirely of environmentally friendly materials and comprises numerous environmental technology solutions which, among other things, markedly reduce carbon emissions.

Macintosh Village med The Green Building øverst til venstre. Illustration venligst udlånt af Taylor Woodrow, Terry Farrell & Partners

 The Green Building has 32 flats, a medical clinic and a private daycare institution for 120 children. The 11-story building stands out in the cityscape with its distinctive architecture, wind turbines and solar panels on the roof. A number of environment technology solutions help to reduce carbon emissions by 60% compared to those of an average residential property.

At the heart of the Green Building is an atrium, which creates natural ventilation and allows sunlight into the building. Warm air from each flats flows into the atrium and as it rises, cool air is drawn into the flats. The flow of air is regulated by computer-controlled apertures in the glazed roof of the atrium.

The building's cylindrical shape rface area in relation to the residential area. Large, three-layer thermal windows on the south side of the building maximise energy yields from sunlight influx, while smaller windows on the north face avoid unnecessary cooling. Together, the use of recyclable insulation, the atrium, the building's cylindrical shape and thermal glass, ensure optimum thermal efficiency and minimise energy consumption.

The Green Building, February 18 2007 by Terry Wha, Flickr Creative Commons

Solar panels on the roof provide full heating and hot water in the flats, while 2.5 kW wind turbines supplement the building's power supply. Waste sorting facilities have been installed to maximise recycling by the residents, and composting facilities are also under development. Low flow water saving technologies are used throughout and the flats have showers rather than bathtubs.

The Green Building was built exclusively from environment-friendly building materials. The building is considered to be a leading example of sustainable building and has won prizes, including the Civic Trust Award, one of Britain's longest standing environmental architecture and planning awards. The Green Building is one of England's most advanced sustainable building projects.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014