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Albertslund: Energy efficient renovation of homes

A cost-effective concept for energy renovation of homes made Albertslund Municipality win the Nordic Energy Municipality 2011 Award. As the greatest potential for energy savings and reduction in relation to climatic pressure stem from existing buildings, the Albertslund concept aims at developing, testing and demonstrating standardised energy saving solutions.


The project targets houses built during the period 1960-1980. All buildings under the project are prefabricated. Therefore, the project has aimed at delivering prefabricated solutions which are applicable to a large number of different building types, focusing on the mass production models of the period.This method makes it possible to transfer solutions, developed under the Albertslund concept, to renovation projects all over Europe.The Albertslund concept focuses on developing methods and technical solutions which make energy renovation cheaper than it is today and thereby financially more advantagous. Another ambition is to develop solutions which better suit a holistic approach to building renovation, as this often calls for options which increase daylight access and a better indoor climate. The municipality's climate plan covers four areas: housing, transport, business community and the local council. The Albertslund concept promotes iniatives within the area of housing.

"The Albertslund concept plays an important part in our efforts to renew the municipality. A large number of buildings will be renovated in the years to come, and to that end we need clever and sustainable solutions. Through an exciting cooperation between citizens, local industry and the municipality, we have managed to develop and - more importantly - test a wide range of full-scale solutions. Because it should be easy to be green. And this is exactly what the Albertslund concept achieves by combining technical solutions with economic visions and better housing ". - Mayor Steen Christiansen, Municipality of Albertslund

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