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Bornholm: Transparent Energy Planning and Implementation

The Regional Municipality of Bornholm was nominated as a finalist for the Nordic Energy Municipality 2011 with the project Transparent Energy Planning and Implementation (Transplan). It is an energy project coordinated by the municipality, as part of it’s vision for becoming a green and sustainable Bornholm, self-sufficient in renewable energy.


The project was implemented in the period from 2007 to 2010. Based on a mapping of the island's energy consumption, a strategy was adopted including the following prioritised actions:

  • Accelerating the conversion of energy production from coal to wood chips
  • Accelerating the conversion of individual heating systems to district heating
  • Accelerating the conversion of municipal buildings to renewable energy
  • Promotion of electric cars
  • Public awareness campaigns.

An important part of the project was the collaboration between and involvement of various stakeholders, including politicians, local businesses and industries, as well as interested citizens. The collaboration was organised in a broad Energy Forum, and a number of citizens were involved in a think tank, subsequently acting as green ambassadors. Among the preliminary results is an increase in the electricity production from renewables from 30 to 50% in the period from 2005 to 2008.

The project was initiated by cooperation between seven islands in the Baltic Sea, called B7. At a conference in Åland in 2006 they agreed that the participating islands - Bornholm, Gotland, Saaremaa, Åland, Öland, Hiiumaa and Rügen - would benefit from developing new action oriented energy plans.

"We have a vision of Bornholm as an island which is completely selfsufficient with renewable energy. In the Transplan project, we are cooperating with citizens, various associations and industry towards achieving our future goals and opportunities so that we are able to guarantee sustainable societal development. Amongst other things, we have worked purposely towards ensuring that the residents in our regional municipality have a feeling of ownership towards our energy strategy. We have strived towards achieving this by proving factual and targeted information and by involving a number of volunteer energy ambassadors. In this manner, we wish to make certain that our words are followed by actions". - Winni Grosbøll, Mayor, Regional Municipality of Bornholm.

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