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Drammen: Marienlyst School and the local heating network

The Municipality of Drammen was nominated as a finalist for the Nordic Energy Municipality 2011 in recognition of a project which connects a school building with an eco-friendly local heating network. The Marienlyst School is app. 6,500 m2 and caters for about 550 pupils. It is built in accordance with passive building principles and is Norway’s most energy efficient building.


The heating source for the building is a self-owned local heating network based on heat pumps from two large skating rinks. In addition to supplying Marienlyst School, the heating network - which has a maximum output of about 4.4 MW - heats all the sporting facilities in the Marienlyst area, including Norway's largest swimming pool stadium, sports arenas, offices, undersoil heating for football pitches, street heating, a large nursing home and, soon to come, another primary school. During cold winter periods, the system receives necessary top-up heat from the town's district heating system, which in turn receives its heat from heat pumps in the Drammen Fjord and bio heating. In the summer, surplus heat is redirected from the school, in order to ensure a healthy indoor climate, to the swimming pool complex, in particular the open-air pool.

"The Marienlyst school project is a way for us to creatively use known solutions and principles in creating the most energy-efficient and largest passive building in Norway and also our country's first passive building school. The municipality's focus is on good environmental solutions, and this has very much been the case in this project where the use of surplus energy is to the benefit of both our school children and the environment. The relevance of our efforts is also reflected in the good media coverage that the project has gained". - Technical manager Geir Andersen, Municipality of Drammen

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Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014