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Lahti: CHP-plant using solid recovered fuel

The KYVO2-project is realised in the city of Lahti, located 100 km north-east of Helsinki and having a population of 102 000 inhabitants. In Lahti a new generation power plant is under construction in 2011, destined for starting full-scale co-production of electricity and district heat (CHP) in 2012.


The novelty of the project is in the technically advanced gas purifi cation process and energy efficiency of the gasification process. The full-scale use of the new power plant will reduce some 40 % of the amount of coal used in the old power plant, which will now be substituted. The concept combining the efficient waste sorting of Lahti area with large scale energy production in CHP plant shows were the ambitiousness in municipal energy production can lead into. The owner of the new power plant is the city-owned Lahti Energy Ltd. The project has a large impact on waste management of the whole southern Finland, as the plant uses 250000 tons of SRF for energy production annually. The new power plant is the most important single step in the strategy of reducing 50 % of the CO2-emissions by 2025.

The project brings the following benefits:

  • efficient combination of waste management and energy production
  • reductions in the use of coal and CO2-emissions
  • reduction in the volume of waste transported and disposed in the landfill sites
  • improvement in the energy recovery efficiency of the boiler with new technology
  • best practice showcase for the international market
  • improved level of waste sorting at the consumers

Due to the long-term efforts of the regional Päijät-Häme Waste Disposal -company the local citizens have learned to sort their waste, and only 6
% of all waste is disposed in landfills in 2011.

The technological nucleus of the new boiler plant is a Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) gasifi er accompanied by cooling and purifi cation of the gas. The energy effi ciency is several times higher than in the traditional waste incineration plants. Major part of the investment is funded by the City of Lahti. Financial support was received as subsidies from the EU and the Finnish Ministry of Employment  and the Economy.

Lahti is decisively developing its profile as a green city taking the principles of sustainable development into consideration in all of its activities. The same aim is characterizing the research and development activities and the output of the diverse local industries.

"The KYVO2 project is a single biggest milestone of the ambitious climate reduction target of Lahti City. The concept of KYVO2 is based on every-day ecological wareness of Lahti citizens in their own kitchen: when the energy wastes are separately handled and collected, the benefits come through electricity and district heating system back to the same kitchen. KYVO2 gasifi cation power plant has been a huge project for the whole city. The new plant has great impacts on employment of Lahti area from the building peak of 300 men to long-lasting impacts on SRF handling and energy production. The Nordic Energy Municipality Competition 2011 has raised the citizens' awareness of the project." - Saara Vauramo, Development Manager, Green City Programme, City of Lahti

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