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Lidköping: Biogas – A Joint Venture

The Municipality of Lidköping was nominated as a finalist for the Nordic Energy Municipality 2011 with the project Lidköping Biogas – a joint venture. The city of Lidköping, having 38,000 inhabitants, is located in southwestern Sweden close to Lake Vänern.


The development of biomethane production in the City of Lidköping was initiated in 1990, and in autumn 2011 the plant at the Kartåsen refuse treatment plant will operate with full capacity. It is one of the first of its kind in the world producing both compressed and liquid biomethane for vehicles. The production will be sufficient to cover the consumption of 6,000 cars driving 17,000 km annually.

The cutting-edge elements of the project are:

  • the use of residues from local food industries
  • the liquefaction of purified gas.
  • biomethane produced where the supply of refuse is good with transport
    to the market. 

Benefits brought along by this project include the following:

  • Reduction of 16,000 tonnes of CO2-emissions per year
  • Contribution to the realization of the citys environmental goals and to boost green growth and business development
  • Opportunity for the City of Lidköping to start using biomethane in its own vehicles.

The Lidköping plant offers a model for compressed and liquefi ed biomethane production from biological waste. Vehicles are filled up with compressed biomethane at the plant and the gas is transported to near-by filling stations. Big ´thermostanks´ are filled with liquid biomethane and transported to bigger cities.

The project is a cooperation between the Lidköping Municipality as the initiator, Gothenburg Energy, Swedish Biogas International and Fordonsgas Sverige AB. The digester part of the plant is owned by Swedish Biogas International Lidköping AB and the liquefaction by Gothenburg Energy and Lidköping Municipality. A prerequisite for the project is very good cooperation between stakeholders in the project and local farmers, transport, suppliers of vehicles, food companies and others.

The total cost of the project is 170 million SEK, the funding coming from private partners (45 %), Gothenburg Energy (35 %), the Swedish Government (19 %) and Lidköping Municipality.

"Lidköping Biogas is a very exciting project that is characterized by innovation and collaboration between municipalities, private companies and associations. There is also a huge leap forward in the municipality's ambitious quest to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In order to achieve the international goals in the important but difficult transport sector, we must assume our responsibilities at the local level and replace petrol and diesel with renewable fuels. Liquid biogas opens up a new future market where heavy vehicles can be powered by biogas". - Environmental strategist Yvonne Träff, Lidköping Municipality

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