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Tampere: ECO2

The City of Tampere was nominated as a finalist for the Nordic Energy Municipality 2011 with the project ECO2 – Eco-efficient Tampere 2020. A strategic 10-year project ECO2 was started by the City of Tampere in 2010. In this project climate and energy objectives of Tampere are implemented, the city development practices are changed to support a low-carbon and carbon-neutral urban structure and sustainable business.The implementation of the project in 2010-2012 is supported by Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund.


The project coordinates energy and climate actions of the various departments of the city and initiates cooperation projects with business partners, universities, research institutes and civil society organizations. ECO2 is the most extensive project of this kind in Finland and shows a good example of tackling the energy and climate issues in a cross-sectoral way. Participation in national and international networks is utilized in the exchange of good practices.

Among the 16 sub-projects and the activities and achievements within the framework of ECO2 in 2010 are the following:

  • Development of the city planning tool "Ecocity Evaluator"
  • City buildings required to be built in class A energy efficiency
  • Preparation of instructions for energy-effi cient renovations
  • In the Vuores housing fair area houses required to be class A energy efficiency, reduced plot rent to passive energy houses
  • nitiation of the planning process for the light rail system

The objectives to be achieved in the project

  • The greenhouse gas emissions to reduce 3 % annually by 2012
  • Tools for energy-effi cient city planning will be adopted by the end of 2012
  • Eco- and energy effi ciency and carbon neutrality will guide complementary construction, the design of the new Tampere Central Arena and the development of new residential areas
  • The Information Centre for Sustainable Construction and Housing will be opened by 2012 
  • Planning of the light railway system will go forward
  • The share of sustainable energy sources in the energy delivered by the local energy company is 30 % by 2020.

"Tampere region is the second largest growth centre in Finland and the increase in the population,jobs and services is threatening to increase energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. To avoid this, we need to fi nd eco-effi cient solutions in city planning, construction, energy production and transportation. ECO2 was launched to develop and promote these solutions. This cross-sectoral project has strong support from the management of the city and is implemented through wide cooperation with all actors involved in city development. Tampere has already initiated many development projects aiming at low carbon and carbon neutral city structure. These include for example planning a tram system in Tampere, increasing the production of renewable energy, eco-effi cient residential areas and complementary construction". - Director of ECO2 project Pauli Välimäki, City of Tampere

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