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Växjö: SESAC – Sustainable Energy Systems in Advanced Cities

The City of Växjö was nominated as a finalist for the Nordic Energy Municipality 2011 with the project Sustainable Energy Systems in Advanced Cities (SESAC). SESAC, started in 2005, is a project within EU’s FP6 Initiative Concerto and demonstrates the building of sustainable energy systems through increased use of renewable energy and more effi cient use of energy. The focus is in seeing that all actors, from decision to implementation, work right towards the common goal.


The specific goals are the following:

  • Energy use of the new eco-buildings to be 33 % lower than required in the applicable building code
  • Local energy production to be increased by 8,822,000 kWh
  • CO2-emissions to be reduced by 20 %
  • Capacity building of the municipal housing companies to be realized in the field of energy efficiency
  • Green growth to be stimulated in Växjö and in the region.

For reaching the goals the following elements are considered essential:

  • Development of new technologies for using wood as construction material
  • Using the EMS ecoBudget in order to connect the climate targets with the budget process
  • Developing the ecoBudget further for exporting it to other countries.

A low level of energy consumption in buildings has been achieved during the project through an integrated building process, stressing energy- and cost-effi ciency from early city-planning to construction, operation and maintenance. New dwellings have been built with the requirement for the total specifi c annual energy consumption of 90-115 kWh/m2 (but with an actual outcome of 53-85 kWh/m2).

Use of biogas from renewable energy sources has been introduced. A local school has been renovated to have better energy-effi ciency and indoor climate with the target of reducing the specifi c annual energy consumption to 130 kWh/m2. Solar cells and a small-scale wind turbine have been installed on buildings. SESAC has also contributed to starting a biogas plant project for utilizing biological waste of households. Absorption-based district cooling is available in parts of the city. The total cost of the SESAC-project is 10.2 mill. euro. The funding is divided between municipal companies of Växjö, EU FP6 -Concerto Initiative, private actors, and the national contribution.

"I have followed the SESAC project during its six years, and I am very proud to see how the project has contributed to local development. The activities that have been demonstrated in Växjö have given experiences that help us in developing Växjö even further, and they have also become important and popular showcases for visitors from all over the world. I believe that it is very stimulating and rewarding for all partners to work together in an international dimension." - Mayor Bo Frank, City of Växjö

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