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World Cities Summit 2012: Adrian Benepe

In July of 2012 at the World Cities Summit in Singapore, the IFHP Travel Squad in coordination with DAC met with Adrian Benepe, the former Commissioner of New York City's Department of Parks & Recreation. Adrian Benepe was responsible for supervising public-private partnerships that brought life into several of today's signature parks including the High Line and Brooklyn Bridge Park.

We asked Adrian Benepe three questions:

  1. In order to face the massive challenges that cities are faced with today, do we then need a whole new way of urban planning and urban leadership?
  2. What impact do you think that the succes of the PlaNYC will have on the urban planning agenda especially in the U.S?
  3. What keeps you up at night? And what is the most important recommendation that you would give city leaders in order to create more sustainable and liveable cities?

More info on Adrian Benepe and IFHP 

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014