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Enrique Peñalosa - City of equality

In this filmed interview, Peñalosa elaborates on principles for the good city.

During his three-year term as mayor of Bogotá, Colómbia, Peñalosa implemented profound changes which transformed the capital and changed the attitude of its 7 million inhabitants. He massively improved slums, built formidable schools and nurseries, beautiful libraries and hundreds of parks and other pedestrian spaces. He was a leading innovator in America in creating a bicycle path network, restricting car use and radically improving pedestrian facilities, building more than a hundred kilometres of pedestrian streets and greenways. Inspired by the Curitiba model, he created the TransMilenio bus transit system which has been a role model to many cities.

About Enrique Peñalosa

Enrique_P_by_megapolis2023_Flickr_Creative_Commons Former Mayor of Bogotá (1998-2001)

Enrique Penalosa is an influential thinker on urban challenges - particularly those related to the relation between urban design and sustainability, mobility, equity, public space and well being. His vision and proposals have significantly influenced policies in numerous cities throughout the world. He is currently a consultant on Urban Vision and Sustainability Strategy and works with many local, regional and national governments as well as other organizations all over the world. He is Senior International Advisor to the ITDP (Institute for Transportation and Development Policy).

Penalosa has lectured at many universities throughout the world as well as many environmental, urban, and managerial forums. His articles have been published and his work and ideas have been featured in publications from many countries. He holds a BA in Economics and History from Duke University, a Master's Degree in Government from the IIAP in Paris and a DESS in Public Administration from the University of Paris II. He also was Visiting Scholar at New York University for 3 years and has taught at several Colombian universities.

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