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World Cities Summit 2012: Carlo Ratti

In July of 2012 at the World Cities Summit in Singapore, the IFHP Travel Squad in coordination with DAC met with Carlo Ratti. Carlo Ratti is an Italian architect and engineer, who also is a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, directing the MIT SENSEable City Lab. The lab studies the built environment of cities, sensors and electronics have transformed the way people understand and use cities.

We asked Carlo Ratti the following questions:

1. Working with smart cities at the SENSEable City Laboratory, how has that changed your           perspective on cities?

2. What is your experience on how your work has affected the way planners think?

3. Do you have any examples on how the visualizing of data is changing the behavior of people?

4. What is your experience on agencies open to sharing data ?

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014