Sustainable Cities™


Sustainability is not a uniform model, but multiple overlapping issues, ideas and initiatives.

Select a theme and read cases, background articles and expert interviews



Read cases about Co2 neutral buildings, retrofitting, sustainable architecture etc.


Read cases about cities that have innovative ideas on how physical transformation and development could create conditions for a sparkly green economy etc. 


Read cases about education, systematik learning, knowledge sharing, open spaces etc.


Read cases about renewable energy production, distribution and consumption, geothemal, solar, wind etc.


Read cases about food production and distribution in the city, self-sufficiency, urban agua culture, vertical farmning etc.

GrønGreen city

Read cases about green infrastructure, rocket parks, green roofs, cool cities, planning for biodiversity etc.


Read cases about impact of the built environment on public health, urban design that encourages movement and social behaviour in the city, life quality etc.


Read cases about urban development, urban restructuring, integrated planning etc.

Social Social

Read cases about social issues, integration, participation, community empowerment etc.


Read cases about mobility, intermodality, biking, public transport, congestion changing etc.

Affald Waste

Read more about recycling, reducing waste, litter management, public.private partnerships battling waste etc.


Read cases about landscape based stormwater drainage, Rainwater havesting, water as recreational space, integrated water planning etc.




Last updated Wednesday, December 03, 2014