Strategic urban governance

STRATEGIC URBAN GOVERNANCE provides Danish municipalities with inspiration and tools for strategic urban leadership. This executive programme is aimed at local government executives, functional managers and politicians, providing access to Danish and international case studies, analytic tools and strategic approaches to the challenges and opportunities, which Danish municipalities face.


STRATEGIC URBAN GOVERNANCE is developed and run by DAC on behalf of a partnership consisting of Realdania, the Association of Municipal Engineering Denmark (KTC) and the Danish Association of Local Government Executives (KOMDIR). DAC and the steering committee behind STRATEGIC URBAN GOVERNANCE are responsible for the professional content, while DAC takes care of programme planning and facilitation.

Participants in STRATEGIC URBAN GOVERNANCE encounter some of the most skilled decision-makers, advisers and urban developers in Denmark and abroad. At the same time, STRATEGIC URBAN GOVERNANCE creates a network amongst Danish municipalities and serves as a vital platform for discussion and knowledge sharing.

More than 60% of Denmark's municipalities have already taken part in a STRATEGIC URBAN GOVERNANCE course.

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Overall responsible for STRATEGIC URBAN GOVERNANCE 

Last updated Tuesday, September 05, 2017