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Ågade Bridge

This overpass for cyclists and pedestrians exists in conjunction with the green cycle route in Nørrebro.

Ågade, on the border between Copenhagen's Nørrebro quarter and Frederiksberg Municipality, is an important approach and exit road for many of the city's drivers, but crossing the wide street can be something of a challenge for cyclists and pedestrians. It became easier in 2008, when a new bridge over Ågade was finished. The bridge is part of the work by the two municipalities to create a network of green cycle routes across the city. The bridge is an original and attractive urban fixture that will fit in with its surroundings and serve as a modern city gate across the busy street.

The architects chose the arched form so that the bridge can serve as a natural continuation of the winding Nørrebro cycle route that will be the first of the new routes to be finished. A jury called the winning design elegant and graceful, and felt that the bridge's curved, light design would provide an excellent supplement to the large, distinctive apartment complexes in the area.

A green plaza will be laid out along the Nørrebro cycle route at Rantzausgade, where a car dealership stands today. The plan is for the plaza to be used by the local residents for relaxation and activities such as ball games, sunbathing, and picnics.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014