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Amager Strand Beach

Lapping waves, beach volleyball and life on the esplanade—just minutes from Kongens Nytorv by Metro. With the inauguration of Amager Strand Beach, this is now a reality for Copenhagen residents.

The Amager Strand Beach complex consists of the beach along the coastal road, Amager Strandvej, a lagoon, an island, and the two parks, 10-øren and 5-øren (the Danish 10 Øre and 5 Øre coins). The island is 2 km. long and the lagoon is 400 m. at its widest point. Concrete beach stations have been installed in the middle of the island, and provide toilets, refreshment kiosks and other amenities. These beach stations also act as vantage points, providing a fantastic view of the large vessels plying the Øresund Sound, Øresund Bridge, and the planes preparing to land in Kastrup.

The new island has been bisected, so that in the north you encounter a landscape of sand dunes, only to find more park-like grounds in the south. Beautifully designed pedestrian and bicycle bridges lead across to the new island's north and center. In the south it is also possible to drive to the island without missing the natural scenery, the sky and the sea.

Recreational facilities

The whole of Amager Beach has been listed as a recreational area, which can be used all year round.

There are facilities for playing beach volley, surfing, flying kites and taking a winter dip, or "polar bear swim." In order to create Amager Beach, the old baths (Helgoland) were demolished, but they have been reconstructed off the new coast.

30 years in the making

The City of Copenhagen has been working on the possibility of creating a wider beach park with a greater depth of water offshore ever since the mid-'70s. In 1988, thanks to local efforts, a proposal was drawn up to extend the beach park-the so-called Riviera Plan. The final framework for Amager Beach was outlined in 2000. In spring 2003, the City of Copenhagen, Copenhagen County, and Frederiksberg Municipality adopted a financing agreement and Amager Strandpark I/S was founded soon after.


Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014