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On the outskirts of the old residential neighbourhood of Rosenvænget in Østerbro is a new, architecturally innovative daycare center.

This nursery school complex has a prism-shaped main building whose form was intended to give as much sunlight as possible to the outdoor areas on the west. The diagonal outside of the prism has an "activity staircase" leading to the top of the building, where a roof terrace is planted with two-metre-high elephant grass. The roof and the end wall are made of a partly transparent plastic in contrast to the outside of the building, which is otherwise covered with harder materials such as glass and steel.

Inside the prism, five group rooms are placed side by side, separated by sliding doors, with direct access to the terrace and the garden. In order to give the children as much room as possible, unnecessary corridors have been eliminated. To make full use of the space, each room has a child-scale staircase to a platform with a low-ceilinged cozy corner: an adult-free zone. The ceiling is hidden by a sound-absorbent cloth that is stretched in a great arc between the top of the tall windows and the back of the room at floor level.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014