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Bella Sky

Scandinavia's biggest and most slanted hotel is being built in Ørestad City. Its two towers will be connected to the exsisting Bella Center.

Every year more than four million nights are spent in hotels in Copenhagen. In 2011, yearly capacity will be increased by 300,000, when Bella Hotel in Ørestad opens its doors, taking the lead as Scandinavia's biggest hotel.

Towers dancing cheek to cheek

Bella Hotel will be connected with the existing Bella Center and consist of two towers rising 76.5m into the sky - a single tower was not an option due to flight safety regulations in the air over the nearby Copenhagen Airport.

However, these are no completely ordinary highrises. Bella Hotel's two towers tilt sixteen degrees in opposite directions. A decision taken by the architects at 3XN to avoid the two towers blocking each other's views. At the same time, the tilt angle minimises wind turbulence. The towers will be connected by a bridge between the 23rd floors, which will double as a light fixture at night, illuminating the space below.

Tower One will contain 400 rooms and associated services and facilities. Tower Two is to house the remaining 414 rooms.

The towers rise from a two-storey base which, among other things, will accommodate the reception.

Tilting more than the tower of Pisa

The steep angle - double the angle of the leaning tower of Pisa - makes Bella Hotel Denmark's most slanted building and represented quite a challenge for the engineers. At the top the towers will tilt twenty metres more than at the bottom. What is more the top ten floors at one end of tower one will be given an outward bend of approx. twelve degrees, making the tower appear to twist at the top, while the second tower will bend in the opposite direction at the bottom.

Built of pre-cast concrete panels, the two towers will be the first tilted pre-cast construction in the world. The efficient construction process that is achieved with the use of pre-cast panels means that each floor is only eleven days in the making.

Well-equipped hotel

Apart from basic hotel facilities Bella Hotel will provide special rooms for guests with disabilities, an 850 m2 spa and fitness area, three restaurants and two bars - one of which will be located on the 23rd floor. Moreover, the hotel will include 32 meeting rooms to take pressure off Bella Center.

Copenhagen, Sweden and the rest of the world

Like other buildings in Ørestad, Bella Hotel will benefit from its location close to "Scandinavia's best intersection." Situated only a few minutes away from bus and Metro links and with convenient access to the motorway and thus to Sweden and Copenhagen Airport, it will be easy to get to the new hotel from virtually everywhere in the world.



Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014