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Bellahøj Pool

The Bellahøj Pool has a new extension that brings world-class swimming to Copenhagen.

The mother of all Copenhagen's open-air swimming pools, the Bellahøj Pool, has had a face-lift. In connection with an urban renewal scheme, the 50-year-old swimming pool underwent major renovation and extension. It now provides local community swimming facilities and is also suitable for large swimming meets and competitions.

Modelled landscape

The design for the new swimming facility was conceived by Arkitema A/S, who won the competition organised by the City of Copenhagen. The architects' design takes as its starting point the Bellahøj Park and the housing scheme Bellahøjhusene, which surround the present swimming pool, thus ensuring that the new facility would echo the urban context and landscape features. The open-air facility has emerged as a modelled landscape subdivided into a series of smaller spaces. A roof surface spans across the modelled landscape and covers the indoor pools. The roof gives a strong horizontal emphasis to the new facility, which reinforces the presence of the Bellahøj Park and provides a respectful contrast to the Bellahøj houses.

1,000 spectator seats

The new facility will form a natural extension to the existing facility. With its well-planned layout and easy accessibility the facility will offer a diverse range of experiences.

The swimming baths will continue to provide open-air activities, and two of the existing pools are preserved. The design comprises a swimming stadium with a 50-metre swimming pool, a training pool and a diving pool and approx. 1,000 spectator seats. A new sunbathing area will offer a haven for relaxation under the blue sky for sun-worshippers.

International ambitions

The vision is that these new facilities will put the Bellahøj Pool and Copenhagen on the national and global map. On the smaller scale, the swimming stadium will enhance and reinforce the special qualities and the identity of the local community. It will assert itself as a venue and thus strengthen the suburb of Brønshøj as an attractive urban area.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014