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Boligslangen (Serpentine House) is the biggest housing project in Ørestad and comprises just short of 300 homes and an integrated day-care centre.

Boligslangen (literally, "the housing serpent") is Ørestad's biggest residential-housing project, consisting of nearly 300 housing units and a day-care center. In several places, the "serpent" intertwines with the canal that runs through the area from Copenhagen University, past the Danish Broadcasting Corporation's media center, and out into a little lake, Grønjordssøen.

What's special about this complex is that a single roof covers two separate apartment houses: Fælledhaven, which holds public-housing units, and Universitetshaven, with condos and co-ops.

Fælledhaven's design placed more emphasis than most public housing on flexibility and resident influence. For example, room partitions can be set up in different ways, depending on how many rooms the resident wants. Universitetshaven consists of two buildings, their common roof crossing the opening between them and maintaining the impression of one long "serpent."







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