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Brygge Bridge

In the fall of 2006, the Brygge Bridge became the first bridge built across the Copenhagen harbour in 50 years.

This 190-metre-long swing bridge connects Fisketorvet Shopping Centre to the residential complex housed in the old seed silo of the Soya Bean Cake Factory.

The bridge is reserved for cyclists and pedestrians, giving them a much needed short cut between Vesterbro and Islands Brygge. For example, students from the west part of the city use it to reach the lecture rooms at the Amager-based part of the University of Copenhagen and the IT University in Ørestad more quickly.

Joining up the city

Apart from making life more pleasurable for so-called soft road-users, the new bridge is instrumental in linking the city.

According to the municipal authority 8,000 people a day make the trip across the bridge on bicycles in addition to a large number of pedestrians. Residents from Amager have simpler access to both shopping facilities and metropolitan S-trains, while residents from Vesterbro gain access to green areas like Amager Fælled (Amager Common).

Illuminated by night

The actual bridge is five and a half metres wide and characterised by architectural simplicity.

A steel structure is stretched in a gentle arc between the two harbour piers, reminiscent of a spinal column, and the bridge opens for passing ships by having one of the spans swing to one side, rotating on its axis to be perpendicular. At nighttime the light fittings in the bridge railings form a luminous ribbon right across the harbour.



Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014