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Carlsberg Experience Centre

Carlsberg is creating a new experience and visitor centre in its historic old premises

In 1913 Carl Jacobsen donated the Little Mermaid to the City of Copenhagen. Carlsberg is now about to repeat that former success by transforming the Carlsberg Brewhouse and Elephant Tower into a brand new tourist landmark in the capital, with a target of more than 400,000 visitors per year.

The forthcoming experience and visitor centre will also strengthen the Carlsberg brand in Valby, while developing their presence in the Carlsberg district's mixed urban environment.

Our House is Your House

The experience and visitor centre has been designed by an international team consisting of: Ralph Appelbaum Associates (US), PLH Architects (DK), The Visitor Attraction Company (UK) and ARUP (UK). The team won the architectural competition with their proposal, Our House is Your House.

This winning proposal does not require any radical transformations. Instead it uses distinct parallels to the historic legacy and authenticity, which this Valby brewery has created over more than one hundred years.

Three different experience zones

The idea behind the experience centre is to divide it into three different experience zones: Welcome, Challenge and Reward.

Dennis Cohen, Project Director at Ralph Appelbaum Associates in New York, is not afraid of setting the bar high for the new experience centre.

"Carlsberg wants to extend a warm welcome to the world in its newly transformed, iconic brewhouse. It will become a stage for the digital age. It will involve and reward a new generation of adventurers, who are willing to 'step up and do the right thing'."

Digital ghosts and time machines

In "the Green Room", once every hour, choreographed surround-sound and digital ghosts will tell anecdotes from Carlsberg's history, while a "time machine" will transport visitors back to the year 1901, when the brewery was built.

Roof terrace, sky terrace and club scene

The goal of the experience centre is to create a first-class attraction with broad appeal to visitors, challenging, involving and entertaining them with one of the leading brands in the world. Challenge and involvement are two of Carlsberg's age-old values.

Jørgen Buhl Rasmussen, Chairman of the Jury and CEO at the Carlsberg Group, is more than delighted with the ambitions of Our House is Your House.

"An incredible roof terrace with a viewing platform and spa, a sky arena, bar and restaurant. Not to mention a completely new club scene. All together in the heart of Copenhagen".

"But this project is not only about providing Copenhagen with a world-class tourist attraction. It will also draw people to the Carlsberg district and clearly emphasise Carlsberg's presence in Copenhagen," says the CEO.

An hot air balloon and a luminous iceberg

In summertime a hot air balloon will fly visitors up over the roofs of Carlsberg for a panoramic view of Copenhagen. Another option is to climb on board a luminous "iceberg" or ride in an open elevator up to the "Global Bar" for an intimate live concert in a new amphitheatre.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014