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Center For Renhold (Cleaning Facilities Centre)

An underground car park below Hauser Plads has been converted into the new head office for Center for Renhold without ‘overshadowing’ the dense, mediaeval part of the city.

Center for Renhold's new accommodation is located in the heart of Copenhagen surrounded by mediaeval buildings.

New Meeting Old in an Innovative Way

The classic challenge of harmonising new and old architecture has, in this project, been solved by POLYFORM together with the Dutch architects, Karres en Brands. The concept was a downward rather than an upward construction. An old underground car park below Hauser Plads has been converted into new, spacious offices and storage facilities, which, despite covering a large area, do not 'overshadow' the dense, mediaeval housing mass surrounding it.

The reason for selecting this challenging location in Copenhagen city centre is that a central location will achieve huge savings in terms of time and resources, making the project both cost-effective and sustainable.

Daylight in a Subterranean Building

All the primary functions of the house have been centred around an open patio in order to make optimal use of the daylight.

The patio is shaped like an amoeba whose soft outline maximises the building's daylight intake, thus ensuring that the rooms meet the requirements set by the Working Environment Act with regard to light intake and view. In the patio garden, diverse plants change colour and texture throughout the seasons, and the paved area provides an outdoor space for restful breaks as well as serving as an outdoor workplace.

The building accommodates offices, a kitchen, a canteen, rest rooms, and changing and shower facilities for staff. Additionally, there are storage facilities for general equipment and access for street-cleaning vehicles via the ramp from the former underground car park.

By coordinating the functions and integrating the landscape, an attractive office and a good working environment have been created for around 100 daily users.

Playground at the top

Prior to commencing the construction work, Hauser Plads contained a playground for local children. Although the square is now occupied by Center for Renhold, there will still be room for local children and visitors: a playground will be constructed on top of the building with green and lush hills and water play. Hauser Plads will be an oasis with room for both play and relaxation.

The renovation of the underground car park and the design of the new playground have been closely coordinated with the renewal of Købmagergade and Kultorvet, which are undergoing a much needed facelift. The design work for this is also undertaken by POLYFORM Arkitekter. The goal is to create a coherent urban space from Nørreport and all the way through the Copenhagen shopping areas to Amagertorv.

Monday, March 26, 2012 / By Kasper Egeberg

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