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For many years the site was home to a factory producing aluminium from cryolite. Now the factory has been replaced by a modern residential complex.

For many years, the site held a factory that made aluminum from cryolite sailed in from Greenland. Now the area has changed its name to Charlottehaven, and the factory has been replaced by a modern residential complex with 178 apartments with large glass-enclosed balconies, penthouse apartments, and roof terraces. A health club, swimming pool, café, and municipal kindergarten are located in a service building in the middle of the large courtyard. Following an American and British concept, 44 furnished serviced apartments in the courtyard are rented out on a monthly basis.

Charlottehaven follows the familiar Copenhagen block structure. Its facades are blackish-blue brick with a myriad of shades and provide a good interplay with the classical apartment buildings of the Østerbro quarter. SLA designed the distinctive courtyard, which uses a wealth of different materials and types of vegetation, from a closely clipped lawn to purple moor grass and two-meter-tall elephant grass.






Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014