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Children's Cultural Centre Øresundsvej

A new cultural centre for children on Amager providing children with optimum conditions for playing and learning and for attending cultural activities for the young.

The house is built adjoining Musiktorvet (The Music Plaza) in Øresundsvej and will be the first of its kind in Denmark created from scratch in cooperation with some of its future users.

The house has been designed for children, but very much by children too. Over a period of two years the artist Kerstin Bergendal held a series of workshops inviting the future users - children from the neighbourhood and kindergarten teachers from the nearby institutions - to make drawings and models and in this way contribute to the layout and fitting-out of the house.

Child magnet

The cultural centre for children is to be built on the same site as Musiktorvet in Øresundsvej, forming part of the overall vision of creating a cultural venue for the neighbourhood and, in the long run, the whole city. By establishing a new meeting place for children the authorities hope to be able to reverse the trend among families with children of moving away from the area.

Harmonious, but conspicuous

Set on a corner plot between two existing buildings, the house was conceived as an extension of the existing gables. On one side is a tall housing block, on the other a lower elongated building, which means that the height of the cultural centre drops from one end to the other.

At the corner the structure slopes down to single-storey height to preserve the view from and the flow of daylight into the courtyard space behind the house.

Flexible layout

The interior of the building features a number of staggered levels and an open so-called entrance plaza, around which the various rooms and functions of the house surge up and down at different heights. The floor space is approx. 1,000 sq. m.

The rooms of the house are laid out to accommodate a wide diversity of activities. At one end three workshop spaces are connected by an activity staircase/climbing slope. The layout of the workshops is flexible to allow them to be converted to other purposes over time. At the other end of the house there are rooms encouraging physical movement and performance activities.

Spread throughout the house are plenty of nooks and niches which may be given a personal touch and made 'hard to get at' for grown-ups. Internal finishes have been selected for their hard-wearing properties and from a desire for different textural qualities. Exterior walls and ceilings are of painted or raw concrete. The floor of the ground level is of lacquered concrete as a continuation of the plaza outside.

Yet another cultural venue by Mandrup

With the children's cultural centre Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter once again asserts its position as a convincing supplier of cultural buildings on Amager. In 2001 Mandrup's Community and Cultural Centre in Holmbladsgade was opened, and in 2006 it was joined by the sports and cultural centre Prismen.



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