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Copenhagen Towers

The largest commercial building in Denmark with room for 5,000 workplaces.

Copenhagen Towers is the big Swiss knife of the office and business community.

An "all in one" solution consisting of office facilities, conference rooms, restaurants, shops, wellness areas as well as a big four-star hotel. Everything located in Ørestad right by exit 19, the metro, trains, and five minutes to the airport.

The most conspicuous characteristic of Copenhagen Towers is the two tall buildings containing hotel and offices. The hotel is designed by Danish Dissing+Weitling while Foster+Partners from London are
behind the office tower and the atrium that binds the two towers together and at the same time works as the main entrance of the complex-.

An atrium open to the public

The atrium is the heart of the complex. Here, you enter the building and navigate around in the complex. More or less all users and visitors will go through here and access a number of common facilities and activities.

The atrium will be open to the public and it is the plan and hope that this will contribute to revitalise the Ørestad area - also after office hours.

In the atrium, there will be various cultural activities, lectures, exhibits, as well as restaurants and cafés.

Third generation offices and global business centre

The Sjælsø Gruppen developing the project say third generation offices and global business centre if asked to say a few keywords about the project. Behind this slightly cryptic expression hides an objective to create a working environment with a very high level of service. For the staff it is about access to dentist, doctor, online shopping delivered to the car in the underground parking, lectures and seminars at the building, payment card for the restaurants and cafés, gym, and much more to make the working day easier.

Infrastructural paradise

Copenhagen Towers is together with Ferring, Ørestad City and the future domicile of Rambøll located in each corner of a large square area transected from all sides by infrastructure - metro, train, and motorway.

When the building is completed, it will house towards 5,000 workplaces and will be the largest commercial building in one place in Denmark.



Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014