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Copper Tower

At the northern approach to Copenhagen by sea stands a 16-storey copper tower. As the years pass, the characteristic building with the round corners will continually alter appearance.

The 16-storey Copper Tower (Kobbertårnet) stands at the northern entrance to Copenhagen Harbor. Over the years, the building, with its distinctive rounded corners, will change appearance. As the salty winds from the Øresund meet the copper façade, its color gradually changed from the original flaming red to a more subdued dark brown in late 2005. In the course of the coming years, large parts of the façade will turn the characteristic verdigris familiar from other towers and roofs in Copenhagen.

The concept of a copper tower was part of the unified plan for Amerika Plads conceived by the Dutch architect Adriaan Geuze, who originally dreamt of a "tower of towers" to rise high above the harbor and consequently expand the copper-covered part of Copenhagen's skyline.







Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014