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Cubic Blocks

Three greenish organic shapes set in a row have gone up in the southern part of Tuborg Harbour.

The buildings contain six floors of office space with a view of the Øresund Sound. The curved facades reflect the waves on the water, and the large glazed sections allow for plenty of daylight in the offices.

Undulating glass façade

The design of the three tower blocks comes from the same basic idea. The ground floor provides a broad foundation for the rest of the building, and above the sixth floor the building narrows to form a recessed penthouse level.

The façades of the three houses take on the appearance of individually undulating ribbons, ensuring that none of the buildings are completely alike. The undulating panels made of decorated glass bring to mind the movements of the water outside. The windows are placed in vertical bands between the decorative undulating panels to let daylight flood into the building from all sides.

Light inside and outside

Inside the three tower blocks are arranged around a central core containing the staircase and the lift that connect the floors. On every floor there is at least one opening in the floor and ceiling, which creates a visual connection between the various levels of the building. All workstations are placed along the windows to make the most of the daylight.

The individual tenant can choose to lay out the ground and penthouse floors as terraces.

Tuborg South

The buildings are let out to a number of companies all of which have access to a three-storey underground parking lot. Each block works as an independent unit, but together the three tower blocks can also serve as a large headquarters complex.

Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects designed the complex which, together with the Horten and Saxo Bank headquarters, stands out for its distinctive architecture in the southern part of Tuborg Harbour.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014