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DFDS Ferry Terminal

Architecturally, the new ferry terminal is a good deal more spectacular than the old one.

At many ferry terminals, passengers without cars have to buy their ticket at a ticket center and then walk down ramps and long corridors to get to the ship. This is what 3XN wanted to avoid when the office designed the new terminal. Instead, the architects made an effort to integrate all facilities in one and the same long building that serves some 1,500 passengers daily.

Spectacular facility

The new facility is spectacular, especially compated to its predecessor. The terminal and control station are covered with different types of glass, which helps create a minimalist look.

Glass facades and the lighting behind it give the building a distinctive character at twilight and at night: it seems to rise from the quay of black plinths that hold the depot and storage facilities.

The control station, which handles trucks and other freight traffic, is designed as a kind of atrium building with different elements under one roof. The roof has an opening in the middle that gives light to the station's central court.






Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014