Copenhagen Gallery


A exhibit on diesel technology in Copenhagen’s South Harbor features a gigantic diesel engine as its main attraction.

An interactive exhibition on diesel technology opened in Copenhagen's South Harbor in June 2006 with a gigantic diesel engine as its main attraction. The engine, which is 12.5 meters tall and 24.5 meters wide, weighs 1,400 tons and was the world's largest for more than 30 years. Today it is retired, but is started up at regular intervals at the exhibition. DieselHouse is on the grounds of the H. C. Ørsted power plant, which is still operating, so visitors will find themselves in the midst of an authentic industrial complex with sputtering, splashing, noisy machines.

In addition to displaying several sizes of diesel engines, DieselHouse will offer a range of interactive activities. The architects designed three new stories with exhibition space and a gallery that flanks the large diesel engine.

The machine hall's structures were changed only where it was absolutely necessary. The exhibition space and gallery have a terse modern design, in sharp contrast to their industrial surroundings.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014