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With an eye-catching 20-storey black tower and a location at a traffic hub, the international pharmaceutical company Ferring has become a landmark of Ørestad City.

With its distinctive 20-story black tower and location at a traffic hub, Ferring has become Ørestad City's landmark. From Malmö, Sweden, the tower looks like a black line against the sky, and when a visitor sees it from close up, looking along the glass façade with black metal shutters, the impression is dizzying. Ferring's employees moved into the building in 2001 and were the first "residents" of Ørestad City.

The building consists of two parts, designed for the facilities that they house. Ferring's laboratories are placed on the three-story building that circles two green courts. The laboratories are on the west, away from Kay Fiskers Plads and the throng of people around the Metro and the Field's shopping mall. Employees have plenty of space and peace to concentrate on research. The administrative section is located in the transparent 20-story tower built up of glass and vertical, black-lacquered metal slats that give a good horizontal view from the building. To passersby, the façade seems to change colors with reflections on the metal slats. On the ground floor, the paving on the square seems to merge with the floor of the foyer, separated only by large expanses of windows.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014