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Flintholm Port

An unusual combination of facilities is found behind the calm façade of Flintholm Port, at the corner entrance to the new Flintholm quarter in Frederiksberg Municipality.

The ground floor is occupied by a supermarket. Split-level parking is set aside on the next story. The following story has office space and a roof garden, and at the very top there are three separate, single-story penthouses with their own gardens.

The architects chose to create a symmetrical and simple façade in order to harmonize the many facilities. It is divided into equally large alternating squares of Brazilian slate, oak, and glass. The bottom story is faced with brick, as dictated by Frederiksberg's chief city architect.

No movie sets

This curious arrangement is the result of a spectacular course of events that began when the LIDL supermarket chain asked JJW Arkitekter for an idea for a store that would fit in with buildings in Frederiksberg, which sets high aesthetic standards.

LIDL actually only wanted one story, but the local plan required a higher building. The supermarket chain was willing to meet local requirements, but was not interested in a larger project and proposed that the walls be extended without filling up the shell.

After a major campaign to persuade LIDL that this was not a good idea, a satisfactory solution was reached. In fact, it was so satisfactory that JJW Arkitekter decided to move in.

Four worlds

Flintholm Port is built of concrete, and no effort was made to disguise the fact behind the facades, where everything from stairwells to offices and pillars in the supermarket are bare. Windows and concrete are the unifying features found on all the stories, each distinctive and furnished specifically for its purpose. This also made it possible to separate the facilities so completely that nothing on the office or parking stories is reminiscent of the supermarket. The private penthouses were recessed into the center of the building. The penthouses have a panoramic view of all points of the compass and are completely independent of the other facilities below.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014