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Flintholm Station

Flintholm Station, which was inaugurated in 2004, is the Ring Line’s hub. This slightly futuristic station is the third busiest in Denmark.

Half a ring line was completed in 1934, making it possible for train passengers to avoid a trip to the center of town when they wanted to travel from Hellerup to Vanløse. But the original plan wasn't carried out in full until 2007, when it became possible to get on the train in Hellerup and get off again 18 minutes later at Ny Ellebjerg, the new terminus.

The ring line is made up of six old stations and six new ones: Flintholm, Ålholm, KB Hallen, Danshøj, Vigerslev Allé, and New Ellebjerg. The aim was to make the new stations as simple and easy to navigate as possible, and the platforms are made mainly of glass and steel. The ring line is easy to use. On weekdays, the trains run every five minutes, so passengers do not have to study complicated timetables.

Flintholm Station, which was inaugurated in 2004, is the Ring Line's hub. This futuristic station, with its 5,000 sq. m. glass roof, is the third busiest in Denmark, after Copenhagen Central and Nørreport. As many as 90,000 passengers will use the ring line every day, over half of them via Flintholm.





Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014