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Flintholm Urban Center

The new district, Flintholm, is located on the edge, between the classic town laid out in blocks and the more open residential neighbourhoods.

The area between Flintholm Metro Station and Solbjerg Have in Frederiksberg Municipality is being built up in stages, with housing, shops, a student-housing facility, day-care centers, and nursing homes. The unified plan for the area emphasizes that the new quarter must not become an enclave. This is why the architects have based their work on Frederiksberg's special qualities, with many private front yards and open facades with balconies on apartment buildings. The goal was to create a modern quarter where public and private areas are intertwined in new ways.

The new quarter, Flintholm, is on the border between the classical arrangement of large complexes filling entire city blocks and a more open area with single-family houses. Endeavoring to combine the best of both worlds was an obvious choice. The result borrows from both single-family houses and apartment houses. The unified plan proposes various kinds of complexes of two to six storeys Instead of being closed on all sides, like the apartment houses that fill entire city blocks in Copenhagen's "urban suburbs," they will open up on a park and other recreational areas being planned. Flintholm will have housing for young people, senior citizens, and families, in addition to commercial buildings. Flintholm Boulevard, that is referede to as Dirch Passers Allé, will be the main shopping street, laid out in the center of the quarter.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014