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Frederiksberg High School

This school is part of Frederiksberg Municipality’s vision for the area around Frederiksberg Metro as a hub for commerce, culture and education.

Frederiksberg High School is part of a new, dynamic hub in Frederiksberg Municipality comprising the Copenhagen Business School, Frederiksberg Main Library, two large malls (Frederiksberg and Falkoner), and Frederiksberg Metro Station. The high school is part of the municipality's vision for the area around the station as a new traffic hub and focal point for shopping, culture, and education.

The high school is part of the unified plan for "Frederiksberg's new plazas." Its open facades interact with the surroundings and plazas, and its assembly hall and lunchroom face the urban space. Broad staircases lead from the assembly hall to flex rooms and gyms in the basement and wide stairs lead to the stories above, which are airy and transparent. Frederiksberg's local color has been preserved in the form of little green oases, indoor "schoolyards."

The school's top two stories are designed as a campus with visual contact across the corridors and the indoor courts. Both open and more closed rooms provide a great degree of flexibility for teaching and group work. Frederiksberg High School was built to live up to the new ideas of "the virtual high school," where teaching continuously incorporates modern information technology. The school has 650 pupils and 80 teachers.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014