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Frederiksberg Plazas

The area around the Frederiksberg Metro station has seen a whirlwind of progress in urban development in recent years.

The decision to put the Metro line underground in Frederiksberg Municipality made it possible to create new urban spaces on top of the former railroad yard. The vision was to create a unified plan for the area to promote urban life and also ensure that recreational activities and outdoor life harmonized with the residents' everyday occupations. In addition to Frederiksberg High School and Copenhagen Business School's Wedge, the area now has a movie theater, a renovated main library, and a fitness center. A complex with 114 housing units for young people and ground floor shops is being built on Sylows Plads.

The unified plan for the area emphasizes the importance of "preserving the quarter's open, green character" and "having the new buildings harmonize with existing listed buildings." The new buildings are characterized by expansive transparent glass facades that provide views of inner courtyards and gardens. They make a light impression that does not detract from the old railway station. In order to link the area with the new meeting and recreational spaces, four new plazas were laid out between Frederiksberg and Solbjerg Metro Stations.

Pools, light and calm

As the buildings were going up around Frederiksberg Metro Station in 2001, the municipality collaborated with SLA on a plan for how the urban spaces between the buildings could become new and attractive meeting places for the residents of Frederiksberg.

The result is four different plazas, each with its own potential and character.

Each plaza has its own identity. Visitors to Solbjerg Plads can run and play among a hundred little pools -- circular grooves in the paving that collect rain water. Thirty-two "loudspeaker wells" broadcast sounds and potentially even concerts on the plaza. Wooden benches and stairs on different levels at Falkoner Plads are occupied as the day progresses by students, library visitors, moviegoers, and clients of the fitness center. Fyrretræslunden has room for a rest on the grass or a bench. Visitors can stroll past the Frederiksberg Center shopping mall along the pedestrian passage, Solbjergvej, and have a cup of coffee under the big trees in front of the historic railway station. Although each plazas has its own distinctive character, all were inspired by Frederiksberg's history as a separate municipality, embedded in the City of Copenhagen, that is famous for its gardens. Thus, trees, bushes, and paving stones are important elements in all the plazas.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014