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The residential complex Frederikskaj is situated at the old Teglværkshavn harbour. The copper-clad buildings comprise 152 flats in total within two blocks, each with six access staircases.

With its distinctive glass balconies, copper-clad facade and hardwood doors and windows, the building contributes to creating a warm ambience in the area around Teglværkshavnen.

Water reflections inside the building

Dissing+Weitling won the architectural competition in 2005 with their proposal to create a new canal to bring water into the site. The buildings are oriented to draw optimum benefit from the sun and to maximise views of the new canal. The canal has moorings for kayaks and a wide flight of steps leading directly from the waterside up to a little square in the centre of the complex. A communal building housing a kitchen, an open fireplace and a kayak rental service for the residents stands on the edge of the canal. The building boasts an open facade with large windows that reflect the water, an effect intended to enhance the unique experience of living by the water.

Facades with reference to historical buildings

The facades will acquire a patina with age and take on the characteristic verdigris-green hue in the process, thereby creating a reference to the historical copper spires and roofs along Copenhagen's harbour front.

The building won the 'European Copper in Architecture Award' in 2008.



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