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Fyrtårnet (The Lighthouse) marks the entrance to the new residential area on Amerika Plads.

At 48 metres and 15 storeys, the residential complex is highly visible both from the city and from the water. Its design is also unusual. The tallest part has a distinctive stepped shape on the south, growing narrower toward the top, where it ends in two-story penthouses.

In addition to the tower, the complex consists of a six-storey building with a common roof terrace. These two buildings hold 89 condos of between 90 and 160 sq. m. Both the tower and its neighbour are covered with expanses of dark-gray slate, interrupted on the low building by large bays and balconies along Kalkbrænderihavnsgade. Gray slate was chosen since it provides a varied play of color and at the same time harmonizes with the area's old brick buildings with slate roofs. Integrating the Lighthouse into a block with older buildings and carrying on the recurring block motif chosen for Amerika Plads was another way of making it part of its historical surroundings.

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014